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Organic Farming Seminar #3

July 6 & July 7, we are holding another organic farming seminar.


We had 2 of them before.. At this time, we learned how to make organic fertilizer at last!

Organic Fertilizer, is the one we are aiming at, so that members are more interested than ever!


Our members are much more familiar with organic farming than before,and I am comvinced that it will change the way of their farming and diet somehow.


We just finished the first day. Tomorrow, we will be full-acknowledged.

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Last week, we have accepted the exposure from Real, Quezon.They sent us a letter to hold a study tour here.


They came to know Alay Kapwa, by looking at our Malunggay tea in a NGO.

How nice that our one product has linked these two cooperatives!


There are 18 people from KUMARE, each of them are managers of a program.They looked around our programs like: Cocojam, Malunggay tea, Farm,  and Geotextile.


Our Malunggay powders especially attracted them.

They studied our facilities, process of production, and each of them bought powder.

They were very active so that many questions were asked to our members.


We were very proud to have those visitors, and it also motivated us to be a more energetic cooperative!


On coming July, we were envited to attend to their general assembly.


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Organic Farming Workshop #1

As it is a global problem including Sariaya,


The vegetables we eat everyday is contaminated by chemical fertilizer.


They say that eating them results in serious diseases like diabetes.


As to combat this issue, Alay Kapwa has decided to enlight people with organic farming.

We had 2 advantage doing this:

The first one is that many our members are engaged in faming.

The other one is that we produce tons of cocodust (cocopeat) regularly.


April 19 - 20, we have held the first session of seminars, how to make organic fetilizer.


The lecturer, Mr. Dennis from Peace Foundation has talked us from micro to macro aspects.

Climate change, diet, indegenous Micro Organism and so on.


We made commission and be motivated in making organic fertilizer,as to extend our livelihood program, and also for our own health.


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